Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Flower in the Dark

Flower in the dark
When my body
Can't move,
And I can't say
And I blame life.

Flower in the dark,

Spirit playing
With feelings that
Take all my energy

Flower in the dark,

Somehow you know
The light comes 
On you.


Friday, June 20, 2014

Early Reader’s Comments

J.C. (Switzerland):” I loved your poems. They are both poetic and understandable. I like that!” 

 R.B. (Switzerland):”A delight!” 

 D.G. (USA): "I finished Roxanity this morning. The title is GREAT! … and the content shines. It is the book of a very deep lady who has much to say about life and its ”goings on”. You captured the everyday life of regular people. Thanks!” 

 M.C. (Romania): "An honest book, romantic, strong, simple, but full of emotions and intense feelings, Bravo, Roxana! Proud of you!” 

L.B. (Finland): "The poems are beautiful. What I especially like about your book is that thanks to the indications of the dates of when each poem was written, one can read it almost like a diary. And it covers more than ten years of your life!"

 P.T. (Denmark):”These poems are short, sweet, and they all have a point. Sometimes surprising, sometimes humorous, but always showing deep understanding, even wisdom. We need more roxanity in this day and age.” 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Four clocks

  1. There are four clocks
    In my apartment
    One hanging
    On each room’s wall.
    They all show
    More or less
    The exact time.
    They are ticking
    My seconds,
    My moments,
    My life.


You… here with me

The flowers knew
All my heart tried
To hide.

The oceans waved
At all my confusion.

The seasons came
And went away.

But you are still
Here with me.


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The mirror of your heart

Millions of moods
And millions
Of thoughts.

In the end
Nothing matters,
Just how pretty
You look in
The mirror of
Your heart.